Raoul Bunskoek

Raoul Bunskoek is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bayreuth. Within the INFRAGLOB project he deals with the question how Brazilian and Chinese actors think about –or, (re)imagine – social safeguards in financial lending for large-scale economic projects in Africa. His research focuses on comparative Western and non- or post-Western (especially Chinese) conceptualizations of morality and power in IR and how these are reflected in the relating strategies of the US, China, Brazil, and the EU, particularly with regard to China’s 2013-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Raoul is the author of the book China and International Theory: The Balance of Relationships (with Chih-yu Shih et al.) and the forthcoming book chapter, ‘Colonial Relationality and Its Post-Chinese Consequences: Japanese Legacies in Contemporary Taiwan’s Views on China’ (with Chih-yu Shih). Raoul holds PhD and MA degrees in political science and international relations from National Taiwan University, and a BA in Chinese Studies from Leiden University. He has previously worked for the Hu Fu Center in East Asia Democratic Studies and the Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica (IPSAS) in Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Portrait photo of Raoul Bunskoek