Portrait photo of Anna Rodrigues-Vasse

Ana Rodrigues-Vasse

Ana Rodrigues-Vasse worked as a research assistant for the INFRAGLOB Project. She studied Agronomy at the University of Brasília, in Brazil, and since then has been interested in patterns of agrarian change in the global south. Ana holds an MSc in Rural Extension from the University of Viçosa, also in Brazil, where she researched transformations of livelihoods in rural resettlements in Tete, Mozambique, as a consequence of Brazilian mining investments in the region. At the moment, besides her collaboration with the INFRAGLOB team, she is also a prospective PhD candidate in Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen.

Zhao Jiaxiu-Alternative

Jiaxiu Zhao

Jiaxiu worked as a research assistant for the INFRAGLOB project. Before coming to Germany, she majored in German studies & Economics at Shanghai International Studies University, China. Now she studies international economics and development at the University of Bayreuth. She is interested in the economic system and public finance in Africa.


Torge Bartsch

Research master student and an intern with INFRAGLOB.

Portrait photo of Zhiying Mao

Zhiying Mao

Zhiying worked as a student assistant for the INFRAGLOB project. She is currently a master student major in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with a focus on Chinese-Namibian exchange. Her current research interest is on the entanglement and impingement of Chinese merchants in Namibian local context and how it leads to partial transformation of ownership of traditional material and fragmentary cultural appropriation. In the INFRAGLOB project, she supported the Chinese- English research context.

Portrait photo of Katja Sugg

Katja Sugg

Katja worked as a student assistant for the INFRAGLOB project. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Development from the University of Bayreuth. Currently, she is a master’s student in Development Studies with a focus on Advanced International Economy at the University of Bayreuth. Katja is particularly interested in environmental and energy politics, especially renewable energies and the structures in the electricity sectors of African countries.

Within INFRAGLOB, she supported the Francophone research context on mining projects and contestations in Guinea and the DRC. She further coordinated the website and social media activities of INFRAGLOB.