Jan Sändig

Jan Sändig is a postdoctoral researcher in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Bayreuth. Within INFRAGLOB he examines how local communities and situational publics across the Global South contest large-scale investment in mining and ports in Guinea and Kenya.

His research generally centers on social mobilization, protest, and violence in Subsaharan Africa. Specifically, he has been studying the varied means, framings, dynamics, and outcomes of contentious politics from the local to the transnational arena. This includes research on ethnic, religious, and peasant movements and on the nexus of investment projects, land governance, and human rights issues.

His research was published among other journals in Civil Wars, Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, and the Journal of Global Security Studies.

After studying Political Science at Potsdam and Paris, he was researcher at the University of Tübingen for ten years before joining the University of Bayreuth in July 2020.

Portrait photo of Jan Sändig