On the 12th of April 2024, the AISAC Conference 2024, themed “Africa and China: Actors, Methods, and Geopolitics in the Everyday,” will take place in Padua. This conference aims to provide a platform for various researchers from disciplines such as development studies, African and Chinese studies, anthropology, international relations, and more to come together.

Throughout this one-day conference, there will be engaging discussions addressing issues and themes often overlooked in Africa-China studies. The Infraglob team will participate in two panels.

Professor Dr. Jana Hönke, along with Dr. Kathy Dodworth from the University of Edinburgh, will present their research titled “Non-state legitimation as practice: multiplicity and making in Afro-Chinese engagements” during the first panel, “State and Non-State Actors.”

Additionally, Yifan Mia Yang will offer valuable insights into her research on “Local content or CSR? Understanding Chinese corporate practices in Guinea” during the third panel, “Everyday (geo)politics.”

If you’re interested in learning more about African and Chinese studies and meeting two of our INFRAGLOB researchers, as well as other prominent researchers from various universities, we invite you to register for the conference here.