We are happy to share with you that the University of Bayreuth is currently hosting the 14th edition of the European Summer School for the Anthropology of Development and Social Dynamics.

From May 23rd to 26th, PhD students from eight European universities present their research projects focusing on topics related to development and social change in countries of the Global South. This summer school provides a valuable bilingual platform for junior and senior scholars to exchange ideas and insights both in English and French.

For INFRAGLOB, Yifan Mia Yang presents her dissertation project on ‘Putting State-mandated Local Development into Practice: Business-Society Relations in Chinese operated Mining Zones’. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke discussed and commented on two other interesting papers.

We invite you to explore the program and access the abstracts of the research projects, which can be found here in order to give you a glimpse into the diverse and innovative research being conducted by the participants.

Photo: Prof. Dr. Andrea Behrends, Dakar, Senegal, 2013