We are happy to announce that we will host Dr. Nina Reiners, political scientist at the Free University Berlin and the Graduate Institute of Geneva at the University of Bayreuth this week!

You are warmly invited to join her talk ‘Human Rights Elites: The United Nations, Independent Experts, and the (un)making of Inequalities’, held online and in person on 18th January at 4:15 pm (University of Bayreuth, Building RW I, S57). If you would like to join us online, you are welcome to register here.

The United Nations (UN) play an important role in addressing human rights violations. For this aim, member states have established monitoring bodies of independent experts to overlook the implementation of human rights treaties around the globe. These experts are nominated and elected based on their relevant expertise and their geographical background. However, the UN human rights expert system has been challenged as doing little to effectively address global inequalities. Critics point to the system as being elitist, reflecting and reproducing social orders at the international level.  This talk will discuss how UN human rights experts position themselves vis-à-vis this critique when working to unmake inequalities.

Besides her public talk, Dr. Nina Reiners will also join a seminar session held by Prof. Dr. Hönke to discuss her book ‘Transnational Lawmaking Coalitions for Human Rights’ with students of the University of Bayreuth.

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