We are happy to announce that Professor Shahar Hameiri will visit the University of Bayreuth to give a public talk on his new co-authored book “Fractured China: How State Transformation is Shaping China’s Rise” (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

The talk is hosted by the Infraglob project and takes place in presence 7th November 2022 at the University of Bayreuth at the Tagungsraum in the SWO building.

The book intervenes in the central debate in International Relations today: Is China’s rise a threat to the established international order? “Fractured China” shows that it depends on what one means by “China”. For China is not the monolithic, unitary actor that many assume. Forty years of state transformation – the fragmentation, decentralization and internationalization of party-state apparatuses – have profoundly changed how its foreign policy is made and implemented. Today, Chinese behavior abroad is often not the product of a coherent grand strategy, but results from a sometimes-chaotic struggle for power and resources among contending politico-business interests, within a surprisingly permissive Chinese-style regulatory state.

Shahar Hameiri is Professor of International Politics and Director of Research in the School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland. His work mainly examines security and development issues in Asia and the Pacific.