At the EISA PEC 2022, taking place in Athens 1-4 September this year, INFRAGLOB team members Prof. Jana Hönke (University of Bayreuth) and Dr. Raoul Bunskoek (University of Bayreuth), organize the panel on Worlding Orders of Worth: (Transnational) Justifications Around the Globe. 

This panel is to start a conversation on a framework that moves beyond Western-centrism in the study of transnational practices of justification. As a starting point, it takes Boltanski and Thévenot’s work on justification out of France (and Europe for that matter) and to transnational practices and their justification around the globe, especially also in the Global South. Building on and adapting their work, papers are to trace multiple practices and repertoires of justification at work in order to explore ‘orders of worth’ that are multiple, and contested. Empirically, papers are invited that analyse a broad range of issue areas, in regard to public and private governance, and including in particular non-Western discourses and practices. We invite conceptual, theoretical and empirical papers; arguing with and against Boltanski’s and Thevenot’s pragmatic sociology.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Wednesday, 16 March 2022. Please submit directly to  with  in cc, who will then submit collectively to the EISA PEC 2022 Website.