NewsThe photo shows five students working on a joint project

We are happy to announce that the INFRAGLOB team members Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke and Dr. Raoul Bunskoek co-organize this year’s African Studies courses of the Bayreuth International Summer School. This year’s Bayreuth International Summer School features courses on Africa-Asia relations.

This year’s African studies courses will approach Africa-Asia relations from two different angles to show the depth and complexity of the relationship but also its global implications and political as well as social and economic effects. The first course examines China-Africa engagements and deciphers narratives, myths, and realities. The second course is concerned with Asian presence in Africa and analyzes examples from Eastern and Southern Africa.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Obert Hodzi (University of Liverpool, UK) and Prof. Dr. Peter Simatei (Moi University, Kenya) as lecturers.

Find out more about the courses here. Apply online by April 30 here.